Traditional wooden frames.

Combining art with technology.

When the earthquake of 1955 hit the traditional villages, traditional houses collapsed. The remains of the houses were left scattered but did however keep the Greek folk art elements .

These homes preserved and showcased he genuine beauty of Pelion in hebest possible way.

Today, with our long time developed wooden frames, we seamlessly bridge the unique art and artistry of the old masters with the latest technology.

Frames absolutely sophisticated, perfectly fitted, matching the quality of german type doors and windows, with a 10 year warranty and all certifications from Rosenheim, Germany.

Original creations of unique beauty that withstand the treat of time and fully meet your needs and aesthetics, without any compromising of modern amenities.

As much as you search sooner or later you will end up with us . Your top choice. Because here you will find everything you could ever ask for your frames and much more.

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More requirements? More Choices!

We might be lovers of tradition, but never stop looking forward and evolve.

To give you So many more options and to cover all your possible desire in frames, we specialize in LAM PROFILE manufacturing wooden doors 68mm.

All our doors and windows combine top quality materials and assembly, bearing credentials Rosenheim Germany and come with a 10 warranty.

So you can be sure that the triple option is once again the best!

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